Slingshot Cloud Services

    Custom clouds built unique to your business. Power up on SSD servers in your own custom private, hybrid and managed service infrastructures.
    Slingshot provides everything from basic ammunition - ping, power and pulse to full artillery. Expert engineers will work with you to architect the right infrastructure for your company. Your personal engineers will prescribe the right set features, build and continually monitor, patch, upgrade and scale your cloud environment. Now you can sleep well at night knowing your data is completely compliant, secure and highly available for a very competitive price.


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    Financing Options

    Birmingham Capital provides a variety of financial solutions tailored to meet your unique equipment financing and leasing needs. With an Asset Management Team averaging 25 years of industry experience, Birmingham Capital designs leasing solutions that maximize the benefits across clients' tax, accounting, cash flow and equipment-obsolescence strategies and considerations.
    Also referred to as ``off-balance-sheet financing,`` these allow a company to acquire equipment without any negative impact to the debt side of the balance sheet. Essentially, the operating lease is accounted for as a pure rental. This form of lease also preserves key financial ratios, such as debt to equity, and debt service coverage.
    Birmingham Capital is an expert in designing and executing innovative and cost-effective municipal leasing and financing solutions, we are ready to assist you in structuring leases that will maximize the use of your budget funds, improve asset utilization across your organization, decrease your total cost of ownership, increase profitability and keep your company technologically and capacity current.
    In a dollar out lease, the cost of the equipment is spread across the term of the lease. Since this is a capital lease, the equipment must be shown as an asset and depreciated. At term, the equipment can then be purchased for $1. The benefit of a dollar out lease is that no down payment is required, no assets need be leveraged and terms are often longer than bank loans, preserving capital while providing tax incentives. Additionally, the equipment will be owned by the lessee at the end of the lease term without further obligations.
    This type of lease is accounted for as an on-balance-sheet transaction but can be a tax or non-tax lease for tax reporting purposes, where the lessee either has a fixed buyout or return options at the end of the lease. On financial statements, such a lease is shown in the assets and corresponding liability sections of the balance sheet, while the cost of the lease falls below the EBITDA line on the profit and loss statement.
    Engage with us today and let Birmingham Capital work with you to develop a financing solution that positions your business for long-term success.


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    Technology Supply

    Birmingham Capital is a leading integrator of converged, networking and enterprise storage solutions. By drawing on long-standing, strategic partnerships with the world’s most prominent technology manufacturers, we procure the most appropriate technology in the most intelligent way, helping you manage cost and risk over its lifecycle. We help you make smart decisions for the long-term, choosing the best from mature and emerging technologies, capturing maintenance and warranty information upfront, and offering a wide variety of financial alternatives that will make ongoing management and disposal at the end of the lifecycle easier.
    Our vast experience – from project design and management to implementation and support services – allows us to provide the excellence our customers expect on each project. Most importantly, Birmingham Capital takes the time to listen to our customers' needs and then translate those insights into a strategic plan that delivers the right solutions. In addition to helping you achieve your organizational goals, we identify and address interdependencies to deliver solutions that work within your existing technology infrastructure and across your enterprise.
    Engage with us and our OEM partners today to learn the breadth of our consultative services, including installation, deployment and customized upgrades.


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    Vendor Funding

    Birmingham Capital’s Vendor Financing program provides manufacturers, distributors and VARs of computer, technology and business equipment with financing services. We help businesses to offer leasing solutions to their customers for a wide range of products, including IT equipment, servers, medical equipment, telecommunications, software and more. Our Vendor Financing program spans private label, co-branded and third-party referral.
    As a direct lender, we offer consistently attractive rates and quick credit turnaround for the mutual benefit of you and your customer. Our full-service programs include facilitating origination, documentation and funding transactions. You have the option to utilize our private label program to leverage your brand equity, and you may select from a full or partial program.
    Our core competencies include:
    Designing, implementing and managing customized financing solutions to aid in the sales of products for manufacturers and distributors.
    Providing lease financing directly to end-user customers.
    Developing and executing structured financing relationships with industry-leading manufacturers, distributors, software vendors and service providers.
    Engage with us today and let Birmingham Capital assist your organization in providing financial flexibility to your customers.



    Health Care Financing

    Accelerate Medical Equipment Adoption
    Birmingham Capital offers a wide range of healthcare financing solutions, as well as equipment supply and “private label” financing options. Our client-focused advisory model delivers actionable intelligence regarding market trends, equipment adoption and comparisons with secondary markets.

    Birmingham Capital provides a variety of lease financing options specifically designed to help hospitals and healthcare organizations obtain the latest advances in Diagnostic Imaging, Medical/Surgical, Clinical Laboratory, Electronic Health Records (EHR), PACS, IT and Telecom equipment for optimum patient care.

    From assisting clients with acquiring the appropriate equipment at the optimal cost, to using it in a cost-effective manner, to disposing of it so that it recoups a portion of the initial investment, we apply our expertise to healthcare organizations of all sizes – from large, multi-site facilities to 25-bed critical care centers.

    In addition to individualized leasing solutions and unparalleled financial strength, Birmingham Capital’s fair, flexible and knowledgeable solution delivery model sets the company apart from manufacturer, captive or financial lessors. We pride ourselves on being an independent technology and financial solutions company, with a focus on helping healthcare clients manage equipment lifecycles and maximize the cost-effectiveness of capital purchases.

    From computers and furniture to multi-million dollar MR and CT Scanners, Birmingham Capital’s experience, personalized attention and vendor-independent approach are all critical elements in helping clients realize the optimum return on their technology investment and reduce the total cost of ownership.
    Engage with us today and let Birmingham Capital assist you in acquiring the medical equipment you need at a price that fits your budget.