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Birmingham Capital is very excited to announce the launch of Slingshot Cloud Services. Slingshot Cloud Services builds custom clouds featuring the best brain power, performance and price. By providing efficient pricing and IT expertise, Slingshot helps customers focus their time and resources on their core business.

Through complete access to expert engineers, customers have the ability to quickly implement and scale new initiatives, streamline their IT resources and meet customers demands 24/7/365.

Slingshot is comprised of some of the top engineering and financial minds in the metro Detroit region. With over 75 years of experience and billions of dollars managed, clients can rest assured that their data is compliant, secure and available to them at all times.

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Product Name


Find funding, build a better back end and gain insight.



Lease the latest IT equipment at the lowest cost

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Optimize your company in the cloud

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Learn how to maximize ROI

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Become a partner with Birmingham Capital

We make the price of technology more competitive in your field and we love partnering with technology users and providers.

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Become a partner with Slingshot Cloud Services:

We are looking for partners/vars who think like we do: simple pricing, lots of features and everyone’s margins look great. If you are a start-up tech company looking to distrupt the status quo, let’s talk about what we can do together. We love helping the Davids take on the Goliaths.

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